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Derrick Grahn and his wife, Anastasia Grahn are successful entrepreneurs who are moving forward a site/app idea they have been pondering for some time now. Although they have had many successful websites, most have been low-tech, regional marketing, online-stores and entertainment, information and publication based.

Their current idea is far more technical

Some may perceive the Grahn's to be green or out of our element for this reason. But what Anastasia and Derrick lack in skilled tech knowledge, they make up for in sheer badassery. The Grahn's possess a powerful drive and experience necessary to move commercial ideas and businesses forward in strong and extremely successful ways. Long story short.. Derrick and Anastasia are doing this to succeed —and they will.

Type of Tech

This current idea has technical elements found in Ebay, Kickstarter and Groupon. Therefore, the Grahn's are looking for people who have the knowledge of and ability to create similar tech.


Based on you; your knowledge, ability and experience. Compensation can be paid in cash, equity or even a mix; to be discussed and negotiated on an individual basis.

If you are a badass or tech genius and have interested in getting involved with something huge, complete this form:

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